At the City of El Paso, we empower our workforce to deliver exceptional services to support a high quality of life and place for our community. Our mission, vision and values define a reflective and future-focused organization.


The website uses Proxima-Nova as the main font to match City branding.

Heading 1

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Buttons & Links


Buttons should have an action word (View, See, Download, Learn More, etc)

Button hover color: #357ae8

<a href="#" class="btn">Button Example</a> .btn


Guidelines for links:

  • Do not use "click here", instead use the name of the document, site, etc as the link text.
  • Add pin icon manually to linked map addresses where needed.


Tables that have headings should have the header row styled.

Table Header

Content Blocks

These components give the ability to customize a page with pre-defined blocks.

Text Image+Text

Creates a text area, plus a box that contains a photo and text.

Counter Banner

Animated counter where numbers go from 0 to their value.

Top Text + Two Columns

Creates a centered text sitting on top of two columns of text.

Star Divider

An image to divide content blocks.


A flexible banner that contains two text areas with a background image.

Text Image

A text area and image.

Text List

Text area and a box with information or optional list.


Simple one column text area.

Two Columns

Creates two text areas.


Creates boxes that can be plain, styled, or have a photo.