Use this collection of interface elements to repurpose and help build applications. The purpose is to work as efficiently as possible to allow you to focus on solving challenges. If there is a component you need and isn’t listed, please submit your request to Web. The ticket will be reviewed for design/implementation.

Form Types

Basic Form

A basic form consisting of fields, checkbox, and submit.


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Grouped Fields

A set of fields can appear grouped together.


You may also specify how many fields are in a row by adding the written number as a class along with the "fields" class. This will expand the fields to take up the space provided.

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Text Area

A textarea can be used to allow for extended user input. To specify an approximate text area size use the rows attribute.

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Other Elements

You can add other form elements such as Checkboxes/Radio and dropdowns/multi-selects!


Form Validation

For information on form validation behaviors: See Form Validation Information