City Logo & Seal

How the City of El Paso’s logo came to be and its different usage.

City Logo

Use of the City logo by outside entities must be approved through the City’s Strategic Communications Office. For inquiries please email [email protected]

First seen in El Paso on Nov. 29, 1940, the Star on the Mountain has been a nearly constant visual impact for the City of El Paso. From its lofty height, the Star may be seen from the east for 100 miles from the air and some 30 miles from the ground. Pilots are known to use the Star as an orientation point.

El Pasoans are proud of their Star on the Mountain rooted in the western most edge of the Lone Star State.

This identity guide intends to convey the core of the City of El Paso visual image and mission.

Secondary Wordmarks

The Black, White, and Alterate logos should be used sparingly, only when the primary uses aren’t appropriate. Black can be used in rare situations but should be generally avoided. White is ideal for use over images, patterned or very dark backgrounds. When placing over photography, ensure contrast by placing over dark area, and negative space.

City of El Paso

City Logo Color

City of El Paso

City Logo Black

City of El Paso

City Logo White

City of El Paso

City Logo Alternate

Clear Space & Logo Sizing

The City of El Paso wordmark should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space. A margin of clear space equivalent to the height of the ‘E’ is drawn around the logo to create the invisible boundary of the area of isolation.

spacing and sizing

Incorrect Wordmark Uses

When using the City of El Paso wordmark, the following rules should be adhered to at all times. DO NOT use the City of El Paso wordmark the following ways.

incorrect useage

City Seal

The City of El Paso seal is used primarily for official items such as certificates, letterheads, press releases, awards or plaques.

Usage Limitation

If the reproduction of the seal is less than 1.0 inch in diameter, do not use the seal.

City of El Paso

City Seal

City of El Paso

City Seal White