The primary brand typeface for the City of El Paso is Proxima Nova. This sans-serif font family presents content clearly across all mediums.

Proxima Nova

The Proxima Nova type family is the official City of El Paso font. While Proxima Nova Bold and Regular are the primary fonts, the whole typeface may be used if necessary. If you are unable to use or access Proxima Nova use Arial.

Proxima Nova is a licensed font, but an acceptable free alternative is Montserrat, which can be obtained from Google Fonts.


Manipulating the font in any way is prohibited. Stretching, condensing, embossing and drop shadow must never be used.


Headline type should be set in Mountain Blue. In some instances, it can also be set in white or black or Sunset Yellow.

Proxima Nova Bold
Use for headlines, callouts and taglines.



Proxima Nova Regular
Use for body copy, quotes and other collateral.



Typography Uses


Set in Proxima Nova Bold, sentence case, in Mountain Blue, black or dark grey.

Body Copy

Set in Proxima Nova Regular in black or dark grey. Call outs can be made using Proxima Nova Bold.

Call Outs

Special text, like quotes, can be called out using Proxima Nova Regular or bold in Mountain Blue or Sunset Yellow.

Headlines Example

The City of El Paso

Body Copy Example

The City of El Paso strives to deliver exceptional services to support a high quality of life and place for our community.

Call Outs Example

“Join us at a Town Hall near you!”

“Visit our website for more information!”